In 2020 Frantoio Oleario Felice Bitetti obtained the “Olio di Puglia [Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil]” IGPProtected Geographical Indication – designation, protected by the current Regulation n.1151/2012.

This denomination is reserved for extra virgin olive oil that meets certain organoleptic, chemical, geographic characteristics and is produced following the agricultural practices described in the production specification (Annex 1).

The “Olio di Puglia” (IGP) extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio Bitetti, in fact, is obtained from olives grown on our farm in the countryside/territory of Ginosa, map sheet n.91 parcels n. 197, 207, 208, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 350, 362.

The average altitude of the olive groves is 350 meters above sea level, their planting layout is traditional.

The farm, grown according to the organic farming method, produces the Coratina, Ogliarola and Frantoio olive varieties.

The olives are harvested by hand and with pneumatic combs, and crushed within a few hours of harvesting, about 12-14 hours.

The result is a medium fruity extra virgin olive oil with balanced bitterness and spiciness, with a clear scent of fresh olives and important vegetal notes.

“Olio di Puglia (PGI) strongly reflects the link with the production area; it stands out for the variety of sensory characteristics deriving from its native cultivars and the peculiarities of the geographical and pedoclimatic environment of the territory of origin, but also from the cultivation and extraction techniques typical of such area.

“An important first step, conceived to translate the “Olio di Puglia” (PGI) mark into an indicator of value, both cultural and economic, was taken during the definition of the production specification.

Among the identifying elements of the typical product – besides the features required by the legislation to strengthen the differentiation characteristics – there is the specification on the minimum content of biophenols related to a recognized health benefit, also detectable by tasting it.

This translates into the slogan that will help consumers to recognize the “Olio di Puglia” (IGP):

“It’s good because it’s fresh and healthy! “.

“In fact, according to what can be inferred from the production specification, “Olio di Puglia” (IGP) is a product that aims at placing itself among the highest ranks of the extra virgin olive oils, that is, in a higher quality segment. It is the result of a complex legislative process that translates in a scientific way the characteristics of the best Apulian extra virgin olive oil and protects its connection with the typical regional diet. “

The “Olio di Puglia” (IGP) label of Frantoio Bitetti is a tribute to the ancient tradition of the Apulian Luminarie [decorative lightning] that illuminate our region on its most important occasions.

In the same way, this elegant and luminous label dresses the taste and aroma of our “Olio di Puglia” (PGI) extra virgin olive oil, which we are happy to introduce to you!

Rosa and Mario Bitetti