Our oil mill, our work, our experience

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced with 100% local olives, harvested by hand or with the aid of mechanical shakers directly from the tree, crushed within a few hours of harvesting with a continuous cycle system. The oil is cold pressed and preserves all the aromas and flavours of the Apulian extra virgin olive oil in every single bottle.


The ancient craft of oil milling is a tradition for our family.
The antique work tools such as the millstone, the fiscoli [filtering containers], and the “zinni” [oil containers], are still in our mill, and are the symbols of an ancient tradition that has been handed down from father to son over time.
Nonno Mario, always attentive and meticulous, used the traditional oil plants of the time for the production of his extra virgin olive oil.
A small granite stone mill, four presses with jute fiscoli… his oil had the aroma of genuineness and passion.


The passion that still characterises our work today encouraged, in 1998, Felice, our father, to look to the future with ambition and invest in the purchase of a continuous cycle system for processing olives. It was an important technological innovation that today still allows us to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.
In recent years, important product and communication innovations have characterised the development of our company.
Beside the classic extra virgin olive oil, we feature the production of oils that differ in taste and aroma: limited production of monocultivar oils, citrus and spice oils and organic extra virgin olive oil.
Bottles and cans features new looks, characterised by soft lines and colours that recall the genuineness and quality of our extra virgin olive oil.


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