Frantoio Oleario Felice Bitetti’s olive oil campaign 2020/2021 is about to start! In fact, we will soon open our warehouse to farmers in the Gino area who will devote themselves with dedication and passion to the olive harvest. We will select for you the best olives, harvested by hand with rakes or with mechanical aids and transported to the mill in well-ventilated boxes.

The olives will be pressed within a few hours of harvesting, by cold extraction. Felice Bitetti extra virgin olive oil will then be stored in steel silos waiting for you to taste it. All these steps and tricks are synonymous with quality! In fact, it is our care to first select the raw material to preserve the oil from hydrolytic and oxidative degradation.

we are constantly updated on the technological advancement of oil machinery. For the 2020/2021 campaign there is indeed something new! We have replaced the old horizontal centrifuge, commonly called decanter, with a new and improved one, with a higher capacity. The real protagonist and newcomer among the 2020/2021 products of Frantoio Oleario Felice Bitetti is the extra virgin olive oil “Olio di Puglia PGI”. Important denomination obtained in 2020 (read also Articolo1/).

The extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Oleario Felice Bitetti will be available, together with all our other products, starting from November 2020! Contact us or write us to book your oil or for more information! Or visit our online shop to discover all the products and their availability!