Choosing to buy organic is now a lifestyle, increasingly consolidated in consumers who are careful to preserve the original quality of the product, without detracting from conventional production whose quality parameters are equal to a high level. However, organic extra virgin olive oil coming from organic farming, also it winks at the territory and the environment, it’s treating them with extreme care and kindness. The organic production of extra virgin olive oil follows the EC Regulation n. 834/2007 of the Council of the European Union which it strictly regulates all phases, from the cultivation of olives to the conservation of oil.
Those who choose to practice organic farming care about maintaining the agrosystem according to the balance of nature and rely on renewable resources to take care of it. The selected species are indigenous and suited to the soil and climate of the area. In addition, land management, irrigation, weed and tree control are regulated. The main point in favor of this product is the ban on the use of plant protection products that are not authorized in organic production pursuant to Article 16 of the aforementioned regulation.
The authenticity of this oil is certified through a series of rigorous and periodic checks carried out by control bodies authorized by MIPAAF which allow to obtain the community logo, together with the code of the control authority and the indication of the place where they are raw materials have been grown are information that must be affixed to the label.
Frantoio Felice Bitetti produces certified organic extra virgin olive oil in compliance with the regulations. On the label you will find the logo that will allow you to recognize organic extra virgin olive oil. Visit the website to order this extraordinary taste experience!