We explain why extra virgin olive oil is the best for frying

Frying food is a tasty cooking method that has always been part of the Italian culinary tradition. Sometimes it happens that traditions pass down some errors! It is common to believe that frying should not be done with an extra virgin olive oil, but with other oils of different botanical origins … very wrong! In fact, oils and fats subjected to heat treatments, such as frying, undergo a complex series of physico-chemical transformations. they lead to the formation of oxidation products such as peroxides, free fatty acids and polymers with consequent modification of the nutritional value and organoleptic characteristics. EFSA, the “European Food Safety Authority” has also confirmed that acrylamide and acrolein are two harmful healths artifacts produced by a very bad frying oil. It is important to start with a resistant and stable oil to heat treatments. The stability is given by the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids. What better oil, if not extra virgin olive oil! In fact, it is rich in oleic acid which is the monounsaturated fatty acid par excellence. Another key feature that an oil suitable for frying must have is its high smoke point. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil deteriorates. The Veronesi Foundation declares that the smoke point of an fryings ideals oil is between 170 ° and 190 °. Extra virgin olive oil is the only unrefined oil with the highest smoke point!

Useful tips

However frying is a cooking method set aside by the healthiest “because it hurts”. So some useful advice: choose an oil of excellent quality;
avoid that the oil exceeds 170 ° C during frying;
do not reuse the oil for frying a second time;
do not top up the oil during frying;
fry in an adequate amount of oil.

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