Nature turns its gaze to autumn reflections and we are preparing to write yet another chapter of a story that has been going on for four long generations. Our personal family history that makes us proud.

The long awaited rite of the olive harvest is just around the corner. A ritual that is renewed every year, in shapes, contents and colors. A ritual that requires patience, dedication and effort. A ritual that is handed down since ancient times and binds entire generations.A ritual that celebrates the wisdom of our ancestors and that is made of that is made of short, meticulous gestures and long waits.

The countryside first and the mills then, overflowing with voices, noises, scents, moods. Seasons change and in the same way cultivations, methods and the olive harvesting tools that are never the same. Alternation and renewal.

The olive harvest experience it is also this.

Frantoio Oleario Felice Bitetti wishes you a good olive harvest campaign!

We are waiting for you.


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